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The Anne Keidel Collection

Anne Keidel was a friend, trusted critic, and undoubtedly a patron. She passed away, July 4th, after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Over the years, she had purchased over 35 of Josh's paintings, and several of Susan’s as well. During her  illness, she told us she had decided to “will” paintings back to us. This was both a shock and an honor.


Subsequently, Anne and Josh decided that, after her death, we should  try to re-sell them, and give half the proceeds to a charity. Josh lobbied for environmental or wildlife causes,his passion, and she chose  The Chesapeake Conservancy, from her home state of Maryland, a fine organization.


The Adam Gallery will showcase this collection for the rest of the season, with a  reception on Wednesday, August the 3rd, from 5- 8 pm. Many iconic Castine paintings are featured.   

The Anne Keidel Collection

part 1

part 2

Anne's Obituary

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