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frequently asked questions


Do you ship? Yes, we’ve shipped a lot of paintings.

Do you have kids? The first one was perfect so we stopped. Jasper is now 27.


Where did you meet? Colorado College


Who sells more?  We don't sell and tell.


Where are your studios? Currently, Josh uses a bedroom on the second floor while Susan uses the third floor space.  Someday we hope to winterize the gallery for Josh’s studio.


How long have you lived here? Coming up on 23 years


Do you ever teach? We don’t have a real interest in teaching.


Do you really make a living? Yes, we have a low overhead.


What do you do in the winter? Hiberpaint 


What’s it like here in the winter? The days get very short, the temps get very cold and its a good time to plan a trip.


Where did you study? We both received a BA from Colorado College and Josh went on to study for a year at the Chelsea School of Art in London.


When did you start painting? Susan started painting in college and Josh in high school.


How was your winter? Different


How’s Jasper? Upwardly mobile


Do you show anywhere else? Not at the moment


How long does it take yuh to do one of ‘em?  60 years

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