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 oil paintings by  Susan Parish Adam


Find me at The Other Art Fair
Brooklyn, New York
May 16-19 

My oil paintings straddle the line between abstraction and realism using bold graphics to create a quiet landscape. I rely on expressive curves to evoke an emotional response. Straight lines are seldom found.

I start with a photograph. Using an ipad, I create a digital sketch on top of the photo. My process begins with removing details followed by creating eye-catching shapes and sensuous curves to make the composition flow and then settle. I have used the same palette of six colors and a white since graduating from college with an art degree and starting life as a full-time painter.  This has led to an acute sense of color mixing.

IMG_1365 copy.jpg

Over the years my paintings have been an exploration of shape and color as a visual language, an investigation into two extremes co-existing; abstraction and representation, positive and negative space, energy and calmness….Where is the line?  Is there a line?

“Susan draws on earlier abstract inclinations to create stylized and stunning riffs on various views, from the town’s Main street to a night prospect of a harbor.  She doesn’t go looking for subjects as much as she responds to something that catches her eye: ‘a curve in the road, a commanding tree, a splash of color, or a well placed cloud.”  Hers are recognizable motifs filtered through an illuminating eye.”


by Carl Little

Maine Boats Homes and Harbors,

Sept/Oct. issue 2023




Chateau Orquevaux

artists residency November 2023

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