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joshua adam

I was born and raised in Marin County, California, a place with beautiful and varied landscapes.  I was fortunate to grow up there, a haven for artists, hippies and dreamers at the time.  I painted my first plein air piece at nineteen and for the next 20 years, painting outside on location was my jam.


Having a strong plein air foundation helped me immensely in making the transition into becoming primarily a studio artist.  Learning by trial and error, the principles of composition, color values and aerial perspective while painting plein air greatly informed my work as a studio artist.


Since moving to a small coastal village in Maine 20 years ago, my work has become generally larger in scale and more focused on things marine.  Our harbor and the surrounding Penobscot Bay, with its wooden boats and ever-changing light is now my metiér.


I hope to inspire people to stop, step-back, and take stock in the beauty of the natural world



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