susan parish adam

Susan grew up surrounded by a large famiy who found creative inspiration in the trees, rocks, islands, and water that make up Penobscot Bay.  Having started out as an abstract painter, her style of painting has gone through many transformations to get to where it is today.  She has always been inspired by a simple composition and a story.  


Color is an essential element in her paintings.  With so many blues and greens in the landscapes, she feels grateful for the pink rocks, red flannel shirts, spinnakers, bell bouys, and the purplish trunks of Maine's beloved spruce trees.  


For her commissioned work, she paints from photographs. If convenient and proximity allows, Susan prefers to take the photographs for her paintings. She loves to get to know the subjects and see what inspires her.  That being said, technology has come a long way since she started painting commissions.  Most people have easy access to a great camera and can take great pictures right from their phone.