We're excited about our upcoming season.  Can't wait to share with you all our new paintings and tales of a fantastic time in Bermuda.  Join us on Saturday, May 27th...5-7pm for the usual fare.  The rain has to be over by then.  Great weather for catching up on paintin...


Anne Keidel was a friend, trusted critic, and undoubtedly a patron. She passed away, July 4th, after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Over the years, she had collected over 35 of Josh's paintings, and several of Susan’s as well. During her  illness, she told us sh...


 Hard to believe thirty years ago this month Josh and I visited Ios, Greece and produced these two little mementos, (among others).  


We get our share of weather in Maine.It goes from too cold in May , to too hot in early June ,with the requisite bugs and humidity, in the span of two weeks. It's no wonder that Maine has produced just a handful of MLB players, and no golf or tennis players of any note...




 Everywhere I go, I find this guy.

this one is too tricky. I was home, at Josh's parents house with Mt. Tam behind me.  I knew where he was going.  







Took advantage of the first sunny day after lots of rain.  Went for a hike while Josh painted.  So green! 


Today's efforts. Josh doesn't know about this post yet, I'm sure he'll make me take it down. Wonder how long it will take for him to notice.  

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